Wednesday, July 13, 2011

American Cinematography

Here's a song I wrote this week....


  1. Cindy, video has a European flavor...reminds of something I would see in early '60's Italian film. Like the simplicity. you project. Like the song esp guitar part. "cinematography" is a lyric mouthful by any standard.--richard filaccio

  2. Hey thanks Richard...nice to hear from you old friend...

  3. Although I have not followed Cindy's albums since i've just found her again, but I sure plan to. I use to watch her perform as a boy at my fathers dinner shows in Poway California. I always loved watching her perform and new she would have a great future in music. Cindy always captivated me when she performed, and I look forward to see and hear what she has been up to
    -Shayne Finch son of Terry

  4. Wow and hello Shayne. Nice to see your comment here. Great to hear from you and yeah, I remember you well, you were almost our age...well okay a couple of years younger, but not such a kid...I hope you're well...