Thursday, February 20, 2014

Going Through Photos...1992

Paul Williams German publishing agent Dieter and his Japanese agent Mr Asano 1992.

In preparation for the Paul Williams/Crawdaddy panel at SxSW this next month I've been going through folders of photographs looking for possible slides. Meanwhile coming across some of these photos that have deep feeling and meaning on a personal level. 

Grieving the loss of someone that slipped away so slowly... is an odd animal. Sometimes relief, sometimes numb, suddenly sad, and all the while remembering the beauty of the soul alongside the very corporeal human being. 

Oddly, the connection between souls that meet and mingle in the deeper sense, transcends the death. At least that is how it feels. He's gone, but right here. What do you want from me Paul? 
Play music, express love, feeeelll.

In Orange Country at the home of a friend that connected with Paul via his book Das Energi;  
Clb, Donna Grace and Paul during the 1992 BEA 
Book Convention in Anaheim

I was working for a book store, Joseph Tabler Books, at the time and it happened we had a booth at the book fair. Turned out Paul and Donna were there too..


  1. Paul's final cover story for Crawdaddy, which I edited, 1974.

  2. That's an article I haven't read or found. Thanks for heads up Greg. I'll look for it!