Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First a hello and then what...

Hi, my name is Cindy Lee. This is the first of a hoped for, batch of thoughts and musings on this weird life I've been living for well, a whole bunch of years. 

My husband Paul Williams(more on the cool stuff he's done later), had a bicycle accident in April 15 1995, he was riding his bike home (with no helmet) and it was tax day, he'd finished our taxes and his ex-wives taxes, delivered them to the post office on time and fell off his bike going down a hill too fast. 

It was a weird day, I'd been at a band practice with my group the Garage Orchestra, we were preparing songs of the next album. Afterwards I drove home and had the inclination to stop for a bite to eat, I was starving but something told me to get home sooner. These were the days before rampant use of cell phones, no one I knew had one, expect my booking agent John in England.  But I wanted to wait to eat with Paul and see what he'd been up to this day.

I arrived home and no one was there (we've lived in the same apartment building by the beach since 1994.) A neighbor came by and hollered for me to go see Paul at the end of the street, he'd fallen off of his bike and an ambulance was there. I  ran down the hill just in time to catch a ride with the paramedics. Paul looked dazed and there was blood coming out of his ear. The EMT's decided it was the job for the big hospital which has ICU's and big time surgeons. Remarkably, Paul and I had JUST started taking Kaiser Health insurance and were accepted a week before his traumatic brain injury.

A couple of friends just now came by and waylaid me from the finishing of this here first blog, now I'm tired and I've gotta get my son off to school at 8AM so I'll sign off for now. More to come. 


  1. Cindy, it's wonderful to see you blog it out, and I congratulate you for having the guts to do it. It's already off to a good start, and I can't wait to read more. I think you'll find that blogging is the lazy man's way to journal. Thank you for letting me in on this.

    Many thanks and hugs,

    Scott Tissue
    El Cajon

  2. Hey Cindy

    Who'da thunk that after meeting you in Denholm so many many years ago, we'd have the experience of TBI and dementia in common.

    Nothing in life is meant to be understood anymore than tragedy can be averted. Life happens to us. We’ve got to be greatful when things are good and count our blessings for the little chinks of sunlight shining through when things are bad. The only certainty in all of it is that it all just keeps happening.

    That's probably a collection of misquoted snippets from a whole bunch of different songs, but it fits...

    Best regards (and a huge amount of sunlight)


  3. Hey Cindy Lee

    I LOVE that you're doing this. Fascinating, cathartic, intimate, courageous, honoring to Paul and a gift to Alexander.

    Much love
    Jane x

  4. So sorry that this happened to Paul, and could possibly have been prevented had he been wearing a helmet. My father suffers from dementia, too (although he is well into his 80's) but it is still a very rocky place for my mom who once had a friend and lover, and now needs to care for a "ninth child." These are the fleeting moments in a very super-sonic life; the thing is to be grateful that you can still be with him and he with you. What else really matters?

  5. Howdy Cindy Lee! I am so glad I found this, I'm starting to read this from this very first post and oh so sad to hear about your husband Paul. I lost a friend just last November not wearing a helmet and a block from his home. So tragically sad. I am also wicked happy to find that you are still making music! I need to catch up on your new stuff - been forever for me. I still have an album you signed for me ( will send you a shot of it now that I found your blog) back in Boston when I was going to art school in the late 80's. I saw you do some instore shows and I think opening for another show... Don't know if you remember but I gave you a button with my Biff Malibu, Philosurfer, character on it. You were such a sweet, cool person and nice to me and you will always remind me of my early days at Mass Art - thank you! Anyway, for some reason you came to mind after all these years, I googled, and here you are! Looking forward to both reading your blog and hearing your new stuff! Best of luck Cindy Lee, Peace, H. Michael Karshis