Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago today my best friend passed away. 
I miss Paul Williams. 
I miss the conversations about music, art, books. 
I miss the unending belief and support he had in my music. 
I miss him reading his latest writings to me. 
And i miss the physical connection that eventually fell away as he fell further into the complications from a traumatic brain injury.
I miss how much he loved and adored his son Alexander, and his two grownup sons Kenta and Taiyo.
It was a grand love, but not always an easy one.
Im still grateful for how he showed me how to love someone.
How to be an adult with car and health insurance.
How to cherish and feel cherished.
How to persevere with your art/music/writing with or without big (or any) bucks behind you. Paul kept writing even when he had no publisher. He said he "felt the readers reading" his words as he wrote them.
I miss the intellectual tango I could have with that amazing brain and way of thinking he had. Elastic. Like his furniture was not nailed down in the living room of life.