Monday, December 2, 2013

The Young Writer: Paul S. Williams

These are a few choice items found amongst the many cartons of Paul's books and papers we processed this past week. The first photo is a very young Paul in a play-room full of toys. Probably the same age he was when he wrote this note to his mother saying; 

"Dear Mother, I have gone over to Harold's, but don't be surprised if I'm here because Harold may be out."

His mother, Janet Williams, saw a keen sense of irony and wisdom in the note and sent it to the New Yorker column Talk of the Town. As you can see the New Yorker decided to publish it, making this, at the young age of 5, Paul's first published piece of writing. 

Around age 10. In grade school Paul started his first zine, The Sunlight Harold, which only lasted for a few issues.

High school, pre Crawdaddy Magazine. 
Post Crawdaddy, early twenties