Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Today is Paul Williams (the Daddy of Craw) Birthday

Today, May 19th is Paul Williams birthday. Forty nine years ago as a 17 year old he started the first serious U. S. rock and roll magazine CRAWDADDY, that would be in 1966. I met Paul in 1992. This is a photo of us by Brian Battles taken in 2001. It was a glorious time for us, we'd been separated for a year and now we were reunited, our son Alexander would be born 10 months later. And we were backstage at the Brian Wilson presents Pet Sounds show, with some of our friends playing in Brians band. 

Like this guy! Probyn Gregory. So funny, I just picked up the mail this evening (I'd let it go for a few days) and found these photos in the mail tonight. Perfect! 

I was just in the studio a week and a half ago recording the last 6 songs for the new album...with, ...Probyn. And some other great players: D.J. Bonebrake, Danny Frankel, David J. Carpenter, Syd Straw, Robert Lloyd, Sheldon Gomberg...Listening to the playbacks I thought about how much Paul would have loved this new music . He was incredibly supportive when I was on a creative streak as a writer or music arranger. I felt him listening from his little place in Heaven, and it brought a tear to my eye. 
Paul once said to me; "The thing you love about Brian Wilson's music, ...it is a blueprint for the work you need to do with your own." And now after many years, I'm doing it again! 

Happy Birthday Paul. We still love and appreciate you, and your wonderful wild words...

(photos by Brian Battles)

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