Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Paul Williams Birthday May 19th 1948

Paul at the commune at Apple Bay, Victoria Canada, early 1970s

Paul's birthday is coming up in a few days. If you'd like to leave him a message, something brief, particularly about how Paul's writings/books have affected you, I will happily read them to him, (over some cake and ice cream). 
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"But living in the woods is not where it's at. Where it's at is living on the planet. I came to the woods because I wanted to live on the planet. Not in a nation. Not in a state of mind. On the planet, in the biosphere, right here where everything's happening, where I can't cop out on my responsibilities as God by playing with my Erector Set. 
The planet is where we all live, not just some of us; and that's why it's so difficult to live here."

(excerpted from Apple Bay or Life on The Planet by Paul Williams, still in print and can be found at online bookstores I might add)


  1. Happy birthday, Paul. I think of you every day with love.
    Ellen Sander

  2. I hope the coming year is filled with peace, happiness, and the love of family and friends.

    Happy birthday!


  3. Happy birthday, Paul, from your friend in Chicago. Have a great day. I'll be thinking of you. Bernie Farber

  4. Hey Paul-
    Thanks for your writing- we are still reading.
    Enjoy your ice cream and your day.

  5. Paul,
    your books have a special place in my Dylan-related bookshelves, and they were of great influence to me while I was writing my book on Dylan. You traced the way for all of us who want to understand Dylan as a performer.

  6. Paul, I love you.

    -- Larry S. Greenfield

  7. Thank you for the comments folks....Paul especially loves hearing how his writings/essays/books have had an effect on you the reader...

  8. Paul, your words made me think about more than just the "three chords and the truth" aspect of Rock, and I think you for that. Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday, Paul. I had the pleasure of meeting you in Encinitas a few years back while visiting from Richmond,VA. My my dear friend, Larry Greenfield, said being a music lover and budding journalist required that I meet you. Boy, was he right (He usually is. He's a wise fellow). You gave me a few copies of Crawdaddy and Das Energi. Your words changed a young music writer's life and I can't thank you kindly enough for it. Every now and I again, I'm invited to speak at schools about music writing and you can bet all the sand in Cali that your name gets mentioned to those kids. Cheers and many blessings to you on your day! Xo, Hilary

  10. Happy Birthday, Paul!! Hope I'm not too late. I posted a bit on Facebook, too. Just a big thank you for your inspiration, writing and legacy. My connection to Paul is because of the Philip K. Dick Society and all the help he provided for my novel about Phil. Myself and the Phil fans think of you often, Paul!!

  11. Friends from the PKD forum on Facebook...

    Aharon Varady posts: Thank you so much Paul. I first heard you on your recordings you made of your interviews with PKD in 1974. I'm so grateful that you helped bring him to the attention of a wider audience. Your curiosity and passion for sharing your discoveries and insights has brought new intelligence into the world. It has helped me meet and make friends I would have otherwise never known. Thank you.

    Nick Buchanan says: Paul was a singularity - what he did for the estate and more importantly for the work of Philip K.Dick (and later for Theodore Sturgeon) was a staggering achievement. Unlike so many Dickheads today, he was slow to promote himself and never used his knowledge of Phil to generate status or rank.

    I had a few hours one to one with Paul at a bar in the UK (at the first PKD 'Celebration') He was thoughtful, kind, catholic in his tastes and immensely knowledgeable. I kept in touch via email. I wept when I heard of his 'deterioration' after the accident. I miss him.

    David Gill writes: Dear Paul, Thank you so much for all you have done. Have a wonderful birthday with your loving family. You are missed and appreciated, and I wish you well on your journey going forward. You are a truly special, one of a kind person, and you've left the world a better place as a result of your time in it.

    Hope you can share the warm sentiments with Paul. Again, hugs, *** jami


    Ted Hand
    The late, great Philip K. Dick

  12. Thank you Jami for rounding up some sweet sentiments from the PKD community. Paul will love to hear these...

  13. You are so welcome. Post an update when you can about how it turned out. We understand whichever way it goes. But, I always wonder if the names and stories spark any reaction. Anyway, Dave Hyde sends his regards, too, to both of you. Blessings!