Sunday, December 13, 2009

Portait of CLB by Ron Lemen


  1. Hey Cindy~ I hope you're well. I've been an admirer since, oh about 1990 is when I first heard your tunes. A man who has since past on, shared your music with me and your bold perspective made a lasting impression. Also, I have been performing vocally for the past 32 years (with 4 children, go go mommy!!!!) mostly covers with a few originals when we can afford the creative time. We cover your "Special Ingrediant." I just bask in the divergent energy of that song! WOW! So I'm taking a college course called, "Women in Song" converging the unpublicized historical aspects of women in United States history with the music of the eras studied, Traditional, Social Reform, 1920s Womens Blues (love Billie Holiday) and Women's Liberation. It's been real to look out on the road traveled by the sisters before me. And so, I decided to write my final paper about you! Just order a copy of your book too. Sssssooooooooo...... I'm asking how can I learn more about you, Cindy? I guess it will be a sort of biography. I'd like your blessing and the accurate info too. I've admired your journey and tenacity from afar for a while now. Oh and I work in an after school program with developmentally disabled children such that one with a TBI aids me in understanding a bit where you are coming from in your journey with your hubbie. Cindy, your music tickles my soul, makes me smile and your opportunistic challenges have my compassion, love. Manifest on, defying fear! I'm across the country in Central New York (!?!?!? sending you the warm glow of creation. my latest motto: Out of the destruction, the fertilized seeds of creation come forth with a bounty of hope and love to share. Peace, baby! Warmly ~ Shelly (

  2. Wow Shelly, I'm honored. You can reach me at my email address