Saturday, December 5, 2009

White-Face Had The Courage

I apologize for the big gap since my last posting. My computer was out of commission for weeks and only in the last few days have I been back up and running.

So much has happened in the last few weeks I barely know where to start. Firstly, I want to thank Werner Pieper for the wonderful letter and package that arrived in the mail today. Werner has been a dear friend of Paul's and a German publisher that put a few of Paul's books out in German, including "Rock and Roll: Hundred Best Singles". When I get my new scanner up and running I'll include a photo Werner just sent me of himself and Paul hanging out, looks like circa 1990.

I hope Werner doesn't mind me sharing a wonderful story with you when he and Paul went to see a concert together. He writes....

"One of my finest moments with Paul: when we went to see Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan together. All The Pakistani people dancing in front of the master, throwing money on stage. Then Paul getting up, joining the almost 100% Arabic crowd dancing in front of of the stage, throwing a note, Nusrat looks him in the eyes, Paul moves on to the side and then this big Arabic man comes up to him, a moment of fear, but this guy just hugs him full of joy that white-face had the courage to come up close to the front...I remember Paul coming back to us pretty excited.."

I love this story about Paul and it reminds why he's been such a hero to me. Thank you Werner.

* * *

So this week we found out that Paul was turned down by Medi-Cal for a second time. Fortunately we have an attorney helping us through the morass of the Medicaid system. When I asked him why they turned him down our attorney said " slow and sloppy work" . He says maybe 25% of his clients have to go through this a few times before the system gets that we aren't going to give up and they work out the issues.

When Paul was turned down the first time back in May it was because he needed to be in a nursing home for at least 30 days before we could apply for help. We finally got him in a nursing home in mid June and reapplied in July. It took them 5 months to get to the point where they could look at his chart and say, no. Whatever...

I know it will all work out in the end...... but in the meantime it puts a damper on the Christmas Cheer when there's a question as to whether you may eventually have to pay back all those months of nursing home stay (at $7000. a month!! ), where we didn't pay cuz we are "Medi-Cal pending". (you can stop paying your bill while waiting to get Medi-Cal and the nursing home will be paid by the state retroactively.).

So Merry Christmas to you too.

* * *

Oh a happier note it was a banner week for my ego as I was asked to be a model for a new line of Taylor Guitars (their new acoustic Baritone series ...I want one... they tune like this B-E-A-D-F#-B). An established painter here in Encinitas (Ron Lemen) did a portrait of me, and I really like it. I was contacted by a Italian concert promoter and asked if I'd like to do a tour of Italy (yes). I had a really nice conversation with songwriter Peter Case about touring Italy. And, my friend Doc Paula said she'd love to go with me on that Italian tour.

All very good. Now I just need to summon the courage.


  1. COURAGE, COURAGE, COURAGE.... Sending lots your way :-) I say go for it!

  2. Paul is never one to shy away from connecting to the total experience. I always love to see John and Yoko with Paul right beside them singing along, "All we are say-ing, is Give Peace a Chance".

    Great news about the Taylor guitar modeling gig. I am going to the Ardmore in Hermosa Beach tomorrow night to hear Fran Banish play his 12 string acoustic baritone guitar (ala LeadBelly). It has a really wonderful sound. I look forward to hearing you with your new baritone guitar.

    Italy is amore. Gamba is Go For It. The canals of Venice are calling. Sing a song for the Venetians.

  3. Hello Cindy. I recently looked up Paul as I wanted to tell him how much his book, Das Energi, has been a thought provoking companion through the decade. It's always been near at hand. Partly due to Das Energi and partly due to good fortunes, I now live on a tiny Greek island, Antiparos. Instead of finding Paul, I found you, and your strength. If indeed, you do a tour of Italy, and wish somewhere to recuperate, you would be very welcome here.. Carree Moore

  4. Carree, So nice to meet a fellow fan of Pauls. Thank you for writing to me here. I will certainly keep your invitation in mind as the Italian dates solidify. It looks like we are aiming for Sept. 2010, 2nd or 3rd week. Wonderful to meet a fellow journeyman. And Paul will be very happy to hear your words about Das Energi. -clb