Friday, October 22, 2010

If you believe in me

I’ll perform miracles, lewd acts of nature,

ripple the waters

and make the Earth wind round in smooth rhyme.

If you believe in me,

I’ll buy you a sandwich

unveil my face, untie the lace

and reveal the secret word

that admits you to the party.

If you believe in me,

I’ll wear your crown,

I won’t let you down,

you’ll get your money’s worth,

unless you expect nonsense and phony penance, for instance.

If you believe in me

I’ll invite you to the water, salty to the tongue

it’s warm and I’ve been waiting.

If you believe in me,

What’s so weird about that?

So what if they can’t see

we are blind most of us, mainly

but sometimes, plainly

there is a crack in the floor of heaven.

If you believe in me

I’ll turn back time

make it speed ahead

or suspend its existence altogether.

If you believe in me

I’ll reinvent the wheel

make you cry where you never feel

make all things new under the sun

then I’ll wash away your tears.

If you believe in me

I’ll call off the revolution

close the mines

settle all bets

bury the hatchet

take off the black dress

and make a pilgrimage to your holy lands.

If you believe in me

I'll part the red sea

the 2nd sun will come out

the naked moon will rise over the stones as predicted

and the villagers will reveal themselves.

How do I know this?

When I used to know bandits, bullet dreamers, idle threats...

How can I be sure?

Because your face made me see it.

Because you saw before they could,

and past the daytime,

shine a billion stars.

(clb 10/22/10)


  1. Can you tell me who I am?
    Can you tell me how much I need to lay behind this old man?
    Can you tell me what I need to shed the fear and free my face from the dreadful place?
    It is dark and dreary and the world seems small and bleary.

    But that is okay I guess because all in all life is best.

    Life is like this moment now, wondering how I will free myself from my own self-will. Enslaved to a course that does not bear well.

    So I say to you is this how it goes? is this the road we must behold? I believe you. But I do not believe in me.

    sorry this poem really inspired me. I wrote a poem earlier, it was better but I guess it did not go through.

    I guess the best is always somehow lost in infinity.

    it is a joy to see how you do what you do! it is an inspiration for one who has nothing to worry about, never the less a son...

  2. Believe me Cindy Lee, I believe in you. Your light shines bright among the billions of stars. A natural treasure with insights galore. Believe in yourself Cindy Lee and set yourself free.

  3. This was inspired by Patti Smith's book Just Kids. At one point she mentions how important emotional support was to Robert Mapplethorpe's work, and that if she could tell one of his potential lovers one important fact about Robert it was this: love and support his art. I think this is an imperative for us artist types...

  4. Beautiful piece. Hoping to talk with you soon.