Sunday, August 21, 2011

Paul and the Boys

Paul playing Scrabble with his son Alexander and his grandson Kent, young Seth is directly behind Paul

Paul's oldest son Kenta, who has been visiting this week with his family says this: "Alexander, Kent and I played Scrabble with my dad on Friday. We only made it through 2 rounds (due to the boys' impatience) but my dad did come up with reasonable words (anti and glue) and added up all his points."

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  1. I stopped in for a short visit with Paul today and he was resting peacefully on his bed. He had a contented smile on his face as he answered most of my questions with a nod and a yes. I just played scrabble with my aunt and mom on Wednesday, it must be family scrabble week. It was very nice to see you and Paul today. Peace.