Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thank You For A Wonderful Year

Happy 2012 to everybody from us' to you's....And thank you to everyone that supported Paul's care in whatever way you could this year, it's much appreciated. And yes, I still do wanna sell Paul's Dylan collection, just got to get it all in boxes so please keep in touch about that if you're interested in buying his various books, tapes of shows and the like.

I also want to thank everyone that helped me get back out on the road again this year, that's what takes care of my soul and keeps me writing which in turn keeps me happy and thus, I'm much nicer to Alexander when he tells me he has extra homework he'd forgotten about.

Thanks especially to Jerry Lima who put some of the shows together on the east coast, and who couldn't be scared away even after I made faces at him, sent him unfinished/scrappy demo's and warned him I was part alien.

And thank you to those dear friends that let us musicians (Renata Bratt, Randy Hoffman and Paula Luber) invade their homes...Matt and Rachel in Brooklyn, David and Kathrine in DC and David and Elizabeth in Manhattan, Alan and Amyjo in CT, and Paula in Newton MA, oh yeah Amy in Hoboken......

And a very special thanks to Chuck and Susan Hahm and their kids, who watched Alexander while I went off on those little road guys are amazing friends.

I look forward to 2012 and more new music and more home invasions.....

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  1. Hi Cindy! Found your blog today and spent the afternoon reading, crying, and laughing. Don't know if you remember me, but I once visited you and Paul back in 1996 with Taiyo(I was his girlfriend at the time). I have so many good memories of that short visit. Moonlight beach, Tecate, Mexico, and that motel in the desert somewhere near Mexico. Give Paul my best. Even if he doesn't remember me, that's ok. He sure struck a chord with me with is kindness, generosity, and open-mindedness. Met you both for one week when I was 20 and will remember both of you the rest of my life. Still have pictures of Taiyo and I in your apartment, your CD you gave me, Straight Out of Marysville(too scratched to play now), and a copy of Das Energi. In this next year I wish you and your family love, peace, and the time to cherish both. -Shawna