Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gravity Falls

I was talking with a girlfriend about romantic-love and how sometimes, if you're lucky and all the cherries line up in the slot machine, it's like standing on a precipice; looking out over the beauty of all things, the big view, an expansiveness that leaves you feeling like you fell into a galactic wormhole and within a few moments, or was it hours, got to sneak a peek at every-thing that ever-was....  


  1. Love the new song, and the cameo by the Cardiff Kook!

  2. ha, yeah the Cardiff Kook, had to get him in there. For those who don't live in these parts, you can actually google it....a statue our community vehemently dislikes and has turned into a living art experience. Not here in this vid, but most of the time the Kook is dressed up in hilarious and very creative fav was where the great white shark was swallowing him...

  3. What a pretty and poignant song Cindy. I like this a lot! Great title and lyrics.

  4. Nicely done CLB. Love. Hope you're well. See ya around the bend somewhere.
    Keep writing. ---Poltz

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you PCR, that's the kind of thing that keeps me going...

  6. Great song and nice little video Cindy.

    The Kook can be quite a sight in his costumes depending upon current events, holidays, activities around town or just because someone felt like dressing him. He has his own calendar too!

    Thanks for always sharing.

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  8. I love this Cindy Lee.