Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Fest at Alexander's School

Alexander and middle school kids dancing to Gangnam Style at the Phoenix Learning Center holiday night (no relation to Phoenix Az btw)

We won the one of the most popular prizes at the raffle (gasp), a popcorn popper...
Here's the funny synchronicity thing Alexander pointed out today: We've had 2 run in's this week with popcorn poppers. The first one on Saturday where we were evacuated from a movie theater very suddenly/screen goes dark/alarm wails/pre-recorded voice "evacuate immediately"/ and with much urgency...and later, calling them, finding it to be the fault of a smoking popcorn popper that set off the theater alarm. And now winning this big popcorn popper at Alexander's school. What's next?

The 6th graders and their teachers did some kinda dance thing together. It was warming and heartning to see the teachers, staff, students and parents all having such a good time at the school last night. Alexander's in 6th grade now but has been at the school since kindergarten

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