Thursday, December 13, 2012

Better 'n a bankers holiday

Playing songs at Culver City's premiere dive bar, The Cinema Bar with Randy Hoffman on glockenspiel and cardboard box and David Schwartz on upright bass. 

My pal Syd Straw jumped up and joined us on a shouting match of Make Way for The Handicapped

I went from walking into this place, when we were unloading our stuff, and thinkin' "oh crap, the band is gonna hate me" to "hot damn, we is havin a helluva good time". I think everyone in the crowd played some kinda of instrument so at some point we had a Ravi Shankar tribute with a bunch on droning notes and the lovely and talented Lucy Schwartz doing some free-jazz spoken-word-verse. 

Buddy Zapada, Phil, Jeff Turmes, Greg Boaz. Thanks to Buddy for setting up the show and overseeing everything. More fun than a payment to the spa, more nourishing than a field trip to Chik-fil-a, and better than a bankers holiday. Plus everybody in the audience got a lollipop.

Randy and I outside of David Schwartz' recording studio. I met David a few months ago and Wednesday was our first time running through these songs with the three of us. Randy kept saying "Man, I've never heard these songs with a bass before". David was a blast to play music with, and true to my long-time mission statement; he was willing to 'play well beneath his innumerable abilities'. 

See you all February 14th for the next round at the Cinema Bar

(photos by David Schwartz and Greg Boaz)

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