Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pictures Of This Weeks Paul

I had Paul over to the apartment for a pastry and tea on Monday. Then on Tuesday I took him out to Michael Jackson's This Is It. When Jackson died in June I asked Paul if he'd been a fan and he shook his head no. I wondered what he'd think about Jackson after seeing the new film.

On our way in to the theater we ran into two of Alexander's pre-school teachers from 2006 and we all decided to sit together. It was a 10AM showing of the film and maybe because of the time of day or maybe due to the content, I noticed that everyone in the theater was over 60!

At any rate, Paul made it through the movie and ate a bunch of popcorn and on the way back to the nursing home I interrogated him. What did you think of the movie? "Very real", he says. And do you think Michael Jackson had a vision "Yes, now I can see that he did". What else did the film do for you? "It was a little bit scary." Scary? why was that? "I was wondering if anyone was in charge."

That was all I could get out of him. So was it a cryptic way of saying Michael Jackson was losing it? Or did Paul get confused with all the images? Up to you.


  1. He might have just gotten down to the bottom of it. Who WAS in charge of that mess?

  2. I'd thought that Bub. Paul has always had a knack for pulling out the kernel of truth with his observations. It's all over his writings.

  3. Hi Cindy,

    Thank you so much for sharing Paul with us in this way.

    I met Paul in 1991 at a Philip K Dick celebration weekend, here in the UK. The night before the event started, I got an hour chatting one to one with him at a bar. He was eloquent, generous, intelligent and wise. We kept in touch for a while (I still have a few letters from him which I treasure, and a few emails). Then a few years went by - and then I found out (this year!) of his new situation. I was SO sad. That such a great giver and gentle soul should suffer in this way really upset me.

    The blessing for me, is that he has you and Alexander - from whom he gets the nourishment of love and undertsanding. I thank you for that - I cannot imagine what you have all gone through.

    I am sure there are many folks out there like me - who read your blogs regularly to keep in touch with dear friends. In whatever way you can, please tell Paul we love him, and that we appreciate all the good things he has done to make this world a better place. I am currently reading "The Complete Short Stories of Theodore Sturgeon" with Paul's excellent notes.

    Thank you for sharing Cindy Lee - you are a blessing - and you are not alone.

    With love and appreciation to Paul, Cindy Lee, and Alexander,

    Nick (Buchanan)
    Liverpool, England
    P.S. I am a Graphic Designer / Illustrator - and if ever I can be of service (for free) to you and Paul, you need only give the word.

  4. Thank you Nick, for your heart felt words for Paul. I will indeed let him know how much he is appreciated. clb

  5. I think Paul understood what the terrifying subtext of the movie was. Michael was in charge of his entire star spangled universe, which precluded his taking care of himself. Someone at that height of stardom and controversey finds it impossible to designate a driver. Once again, Paul, the oracle of Pop. Love you, Paul. And Cindy. And Alexander.

    Ellen Sander