Sunday, January 9, 2011


On our way to pick up Paul in the rental car we've had for 3 weeks. I'm gonna have to buy a car this week. Oh boy (sigh).
Alexander and I brought Paul home from the nursing home. He gets about 2 showers a week there. That is he sits on a plastic stool and water sprays on him and he soaps up a bit, brrrr. So I set him up with a bubble bath here at the apartment. He was so thrilled he fell asleep within five minutes. (from a spouse's perspective: I rarely see Paul unclothed anymore, it was weird in a way, seeing Paul asleep, naked in the bath, and thinking...if it weren't for his dementia he could be laying there bathing, like he did 9 years ago, he doesn't look that different. Sad, someone so healthy physically and the mind just not. He'll probably live to be 100 like his grandfather )
After his shower we sat at the computer and took some family photos. I let Paul push the button to capture a moment or two of his choice.
The family that mugs together stays together, eh?

* * *
Update: post car accident.
Our car was officially declared totaled last week. Now they'll be sending around some kind of check for me to go out and buy a new car. It turns out the guy that caused the crash is in dispute as to whether he actually has insurance or not. Apparently he hasn't paid his bills. At any rate, he was driving a rental car and I'm told the rental company will then have to pony up for the bill.

As some of you friends know, I've been coping with alot of lingering head and neck pain post accident. The hardest part for me is not being able to get my constitutional exercise which is normally running 1-3 miles about 5 times a week. It sucks. And then the second hardest thing is being at work, teaching some really cool kids that are excited about playing guitar riffs, and having to keep on the thermal shoulder wraps and doing the advil. I'm hoping to pick up some vicodin at the doc's this week. At least a glass of wine helps in the evenings.

I'm able to do about half as much stuff as normal, kinda pacing myself. Alexander is doing much better. He has some neck and head pain when he's working for an hour or more on Lego's but otherwise he says he feels pretty good. We've both been going to a chiropractor. I've also been talking with a local attorney that was recommended by a good friend.


  1. hi
    i am Iranian fan of philip k. dick and bob dylan
    frist i read the article of poul williams in rolling stone a bout pkd and than read his books a bout bob dylan
    and i must tell they are prefect
    god bless you and poul . . .
    sorry icant write english very well

  2. Reza, So wonderful to find your comment here. And glad to hear you found your way to some of Paul's writings. He has a book on PKDick called Only Apparently Real, which is mostly a series of conversations. You might like it.

    Thank you for writing us here.
    Maybe we'll hear from you again sometime, Inshallah.
    cindy lee b

  3. Thanks so much for these "mug shots"! I hadn't seen a recent one of Alexander -- he looks SO MUCH like a young Paul!

    Good that money is forthcoming for a replacement car, however that works. Have you had your "lingering head and neck pain" checked out? The insurance company should pay what it takes to make you whole in that regard, too.

    --Robert Lichtman

  4. Shoot me! I somehow completely overlooked your last paragraph -- good that you're both seeing a chiropractor and good that you have an attorney in abeyance if needed for *them* to make you and Alexander whole.