Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Readers of the Future

Here's a song I wrote last night, inspired by something Paul told me many years ago (ed.-someone chastised me a few months ago for not saying who Paul is, if you need to know look at my little description of this page over on the far right)

Paul's books were on a series of small publishing houses. When I met him he was writing a book called Rock and Roll: the One Hundred Best Singles and he didn't actually have a publisher for it. Apparently he'd had one in England but somehow that had fallen through about half way through the writing of the book.

At any rate, I asked Paul if the lack of a current publisher or the prospects of being on a small one had an effect on his writing or finishing of the book. Not at all he said. His answer was honest and deliberate, something he'd worked out and set to work in his brain, and was able access in the face of any doubt. He said he could "feeeel the future readers" as he wrote the words. As though they were reading them as he was writing them. And that was the thing that spurred him on.

In fact, the stunning thing about the way Paul worked was he had little interest in where the book might end up, that was something he'd work out once the writing was done. And then when it was done, he'd be on to some new writing and let go of the economic hopes or failings of the last one. All that mind-kipple never seemed to impede his progress.

The painting of Paul is by Drew Snyder.


  1. Thanks for sharing - both Paul's 'philosophy' and your good song - We're Still Listening! - Here's to a 2011 full of happy surprises, Love to you and those you love, Nick x

  2. Paul is blessed to have a son and wife who love him so completely... thank you for sharing, Cindy. I hope you, Alexander, and Paul have a better 2011.

  3. Great painting and your song sets it off perfectly!

    And the quote from Paul fits perfectly in this riff I wrote on the Jim Morrison/Arthur Rimbaud connection:


    "Rock, because of the number of senses it can get to (on a dance floor, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and tactile) and the extent to which it can pervade these senses, is really the most advanced art form we have."

    Say hi to Paul for me, and if he still reads, he might enjoy the essay. Love to you all.