Saturday, April 23, 2011


Tomorrow is Easter. It's been a challenging month. But it's almost over. Today I got the papers together, requested by MediCal, to prove that Paul should stay eligible for their program, so they'll continue to pay for his nursing home care.

They did this last year too, ha, right after they approved him. So it looks like once a year, right around tax time, I'll have to pull out the bank statements, my work-pay stubs,.....the title on the car, stuff like that to prove we don't have a bunch of money squirreled away.

They give you about a week and a half to pull it together and send it in to 'em. It's sort of like an unspoken threat. If you don't do it right, and on time, you get dumped and have to start all over again. I understand, the state is trying to find ways to save money, cut the budget...So that's why I'm doing this paper sifting now. I'll feel a lot better about chocolate Easter bunnies knowing I got my papers all lined up today.

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