Friday, April 13, 2012

San Francisco show

Photo by Paula Luber. 
This is sound check at 50 Mason Social House in S.F. If you're a guitar geek like me you'll want to know that the guitar is a Godin-5th Ave...It's an arch top that came out a couple of years ago and I bought it before it was named "Guitar-of-the-Year" by Guitar Player Magazine. 

Playing shows, doing these little tours like the one we're on now, really helps my sanity. We all need healthy diversions. 

We played a full set last night, including a slew of the songs I've written in the past year. Like American Cinematography, I Like Cats You Like Dogs, The Heavy, Somebody's Angel and so on. There was thunder lightening and rain, all very auspicious for the new songs....I want to thank the guy that came up to me after the show and told me that the music made him cry. 

And thanks to Alex Jimenez and 50 Mason Social House for hosting us last night.


  1. Hey... that was me! It was Somebody's Angel that just floored me. I think after reading what you've been going through for so long, that song just... wow. Even from Ruby's perspective, wow.

  2. Thanks for sharing your music with us, Cindy! It was so no e chatting with you before the show! :)

  3. That was alotta fun last night and the hanging out and talking before and after does me a world of good. I hope to see you guys next trip to SF...xoclb

  4. So glad the show went well for you Cindy Lee, and it sounds like it was a good one for everybody!!! Just the way it should be. Music is such a community creator!!!

  5. It was a great time Russell. I had so much fun. Most definitely Cindy, until the next time!