Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Paul Williams and the Gospel Songs of Dylan Documentary

Bob Dylan- Gotta Serve Somebody - Gospel Songs of from baddaboom on GodTube.
Paul Williams comments on Bob Dylan's Gospel songs at the beginning (and again at 3:11) of this clip (from the documentary Gotta Serve Somebody Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan). 

I think I remember the film maker coming out to our place and interviewing Paul in the early 2000's. Maybe 2004 or 05. You can see my nifty Wurlitzer sitting behind him. I do remember the film maker trying to get ahold of Paul around 2007 to see if Paul liked the way the documentary turned out. Sad that Paul was never able to get back to him.

Thank you Johannes Wilbrand for emailing this link over to me.

Geez, watching this, I sure do miss him. What a wonderful, 
brilliant wack he was...just my type.

PS: you can also find him on this Philip K Dick documentary at 1:27, 7:42 and 9:14. Paul was a good friend to the science fiction writer and, after Phil's death, became the literary executor of the estate for a while.

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  1. hi Cindy,

    glad you were able to embed the video & i hope it can remain there for some time since it has disappeard from YT a while back. these things move so fast.

    best wishes to you & Paul!