Sunday, January 20, 2013

Photos and Words By Alexander Berryhill-Williams

"I tried to get the picture whenever daddy looked up. And I tried to make it where, once in a while there would be someone in the background, I tried to keep them out of the picture. There would be someone going around in the background with some kind of cleaning cart and it just didn't seem like it would go good with the picture.

I guess it's kind of hard. I don't know what it's really like to have a real dad. So it's hard to know what I'm missing. It's hard I guess. Hard to tell what you are missing.

I like this one with the pages flipping. It kinda gives the picture a sense of movement. The object blur....

It's hard to think of him as being that look, where he looks really young in older pictures. All i can see is that he used to be a lot more than he is now, today.

It's kind of hard to tell what he was like, he's not really a talker now. So its hard to find out what he's thinking or what he likes.

Really it's hard with the nursing home separating the people into two categories, where one section is all nice and they have a TV room and wifi. And the other section, it seems like people who don't have many visitors and it's obviously not as nice a section. "


  1. I've been sitting here at the keyboard for a few minutes but cannot be eloquent in words, certainly nothing to the level of Alexander's comments. I can only express my admiration of him and my hope that the positive thoughts I have for the entire family somehow get through to you, son, mother and father.

  2. Great photos, heart-breaking text.

    Someone must have videos of Paul doing interviews. I did check on Youtube just now, but there are too many Paul Williamses there. A few videos might help Alexander get an idea of Paul's wide-ranging intensity. I'm sure, however, that when he gets older and reads Paul's books, he will know his father.

  3. Hey there Eileen. Great to hear from you. There is a few bits of footage I've shown Alexander, of his father interviewed on Philip K Dick. Those are posted up at Paul donation site.... I'm sure there must be more. And yes, the book await him....

    Thank you all for your concern and your encouragement. It means a lot to me to have this forum, a place to talk about the tough stuff and share the good things....

  4. "object blur" -- thanks CLB and Alexander for this -- really touching and dear...

  5. Good job, Alexander. You tell it as it is and get to the point clearly, both signs of a good writer. Your Dad would be proud. Grandma Janet grew up loving books and literature and always had great hopes for Paul as a writer. I am glad to see the spirit marches on.
    -Uncle Dave

  6. This is one of the most honest and beautiful and tender blogs I have read in a long time. Thank you, Alexander, for sharing.

  7. Well said Alexander - it is good to express your feelings with such honesty. Your father is a remarkable man who gave a lot to the world. Whatever his physical condition, I see his greatness. I see yours too. Keep writing - you have genuine skills and a good heart.
    Love to you, Mom, and Dad