Sunday, January 6, 2013

Had a dream their was an election:

  Obama vs GW Bush..the government base was out in
the desert and that's where the election results were coming in. You'd cast your ballots in an outdoors/farmers market amongst bananas and veggies.

 Folks were sitting at outside cafe's sipping coffee's and having lunch. It was always too hot outdoors so you wore your suit. The suit was form fitting, like a scuba diver's but you could pick whatever colors and patterns you wanted. The best suits were right out of the fashion showrooms. There was an oxygenator built inside the the suit, microfiber tubes were sending oxygen and a light misting of water to your body at all times, keeping you cool and calm in an outdoors that was no longer livable. 

 Outside of the market place on the sand-flats there was a showing of military hardware, mostly massive tanks and airplanes so you could see which candidate had more military brawn. There was some scuttle-but about GWB using a nuclear tank the day before so Obama would have to up-the-anti today....then the election results came in and Obama won, so no need to look tougher.....

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