Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Kite

The Kite was "filmed" end of last year on PhotoBooth on my MacBook. We had a day at the beach last Thanksgiving vacation and I made up a little story. There was to be more, a mean grandma, but the time for filming slipped away then we were into the holiday and then Paul in the hospital and the kids outgrew these clothes. 

Flying to NYC last March I dumped all the PhotoBooth film pieces into iMovie and finally got around to assembling and editing them. Then found bits and pieces of music notes I'd made to myself as a musical garland to the visuals. The music that starts the film and ends it, was the music I continually heard in my head during the filming.

Footage at Moonlight Beach (before they finished the construction) was with Guthry and Renata Hahm and my son Alexander. 

So let this be a little gift of appreciation to you readers, and commenters (!) as we've just gone over the one hundred thousand views mark. 

And in particular a very special thank you to you followers that have encouraged my work, that have kept the faith, with your donations to the new album. 

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