Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gary Heffern and Friends

(photo: Taylor M Murphy)
This month's Casbah anniversary shows were all fabulous. Gary Heffern, front man for legendary San Diego punk band the Penetrators, flew in from Finland and created a real ruckus. I'm thankful for him to get me, and other musician friends, back into The Casbah and playing together again. Here are a few highlights from my appearances with Gary these past few weeks. 

Gary and I singing our hearts out. This was a night with X and Gary Heffern's all star band including Eric Bacher and Joe Piper on guitars, Ray Brandes helping lead the band through the changes and Craig Packham on drums, Mark Z on bass. Wow what a night.

Singing The Weight with Ray Brandes, Gary and John Doe, and Eric Bacher
(b+w photos: David Doyle)

Singing w Gary on his song, That's The Beauty Of The Little Things. 
Gary you are all heart. Thank you for coming back to SD for just enough time to stir up shit and make our heads spin round
(photos Jason DeBord)

So here's my request for the year: more of this please

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