Friday, May 20, 2011

Alexander: portrait of the young writer

Here's a bit of Alexander's current fiction writing. I think you'll find it interesting in that it's about a relationship with a dad and a nine year old boy. A pretty antagonistic relationship in fact. And one that revolves around the dad not allowing any music in the house, especially rock. Ha. What's so fascinating, as most of you know, is that Alexander's real dad not only loved rock and roll, he was so crazy about it he started the first US rock magazine, Crawdaddy!, when he was 17 years old.

At any rate it's fascinating, and entertaining seeing what comes out of that young, nine year old, Alexander mind. Last year he wrote a very impressive science fiction short story from the perspective of a man-hero. With this story I can see he is now moving rapidly toward the "tween" years. Embodying his youth, a place where parents, even made up ones, become antagonistic. (photo: ABW asking questions of a Lego panel at Comicon 2010)

Chapter 1… Alexander Berryhill-Williams

“Will you stop all that noise up there?”

Hi, I’m Jack Barry. I am 9 years old. I like to play the drums. That’s what I am doing right now. And it is 8:30am.

“Sorry Dad,” I yell downstairs.

You see, my dad is not a big fan of rock. He never goes to rock concerts. He even put a filter on my computer so I can’t watch rock videos. Luckily, I know how to undo it. But I can’t watch them when dad’s around.

“I wish it was already 10:00,” I murmur to myself. Ten o’clock AM is when my dad goes to work. Then mom watches me.

I go down stairs. Dad is having his morning coffee and is reading the paper. The music section is in the trash. I take it out.

“Oh no,” says dad, his coffee cup empty. “Not on my watch.”

I put it back and head for the cupboard. Darn. We’re out of cereal. I make myself some oatmeal. My dad goes upstairs to get ready for work. By the time he’s done it is 9AM, T-minus 1 hour to dad leaving. I go upstairs and use the computer for half an hour. Thirty minutes countdown.

I decide to go outside. I run around the yard a couple of times and then check the time. About 9:45. I go in the kitchen. No Dad. I take the music section out of the trash.

“Did I not say no?”says Dad, entering the room. “I think I said no.”

“Sorry.” I say.

“Well, I’m off to work. See you tonight. And don’t even think of reading that. Clear?”

I nod. As soon as he is out the door, I rush upstairs. I get out my legos and start building.

It is now 12:00. I just finished the foot pedal. I go downstairs to eat a PBJ for lunch. I then go back upstairs to practice drums. I practice “The Final Countdown”, “No”, and “Dynamite”. Then I watch a movie. After that I read a bit of City of Ember. Now I am outside practicing basketball. I hear a knock on the door. Dad’s home!


  1. Cindy Lee, I am quite impressed with Alexander's writing talents. This is good stuff. I wanna see the rest! Richie

  2. Very impressive!He has quite a flair. Very nice style. I agree..good stuff.DeAnne