Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Das Energi Handwritten Manuscript

Paul Williams wrote Das Energi in the early 1970s while living with fellow young urban-defectors at a remote location off of Vancouver Island called Apple Bay. He said later in his memoir Apple Bay or Life on the Planet: "...there was no way to get there except by water, short of a ten day hike through fifty miles of uncharted woods, hills and swamp....No ferry. No dock. No exit in stormy weather, which was common in wintertime."

Das Energi, a book of thoughts, was written in between his chores or as he told me a few years ago, "skipping my chores and getting a lot of flack from the others". It was actually the first, (maybe the only) book Jac Holtzman put out on his Elektra Records catalogue (alongside The Doors, Love, The Stooges etc). And it was a hit! In an underground, word of mouth kind of way, with several hundred thousand sold in its first five years.

For many years Paul kept the full hand-written manuscript in a bank security box along with a few other little treasures. I pulled them a couple of years ago to see what was left, things still unsold on Ebay.

At some point I'd like to sell this full manuscript to someone who dearly loves the book. Probably need to get it up on Ebay.....(if you are one of the interested email me at

In the meantime, here's one page out of the 161 handwritten pages.


  1. This is one of my favorite books ever. I found an old copy in my dad's apartment growing up and I've loved it ever since. I keep a copy on my nightstand. Anyway, I just accidentally found your blog while googling the yoga teacher cindy lee. You probably don't remember me. We met once or twice when I was like 16 years old. Strange.

  2. Yep. It was at your apartment I think. I was there with Mark Satlof. I forget what it was for (something music biz related), but we got along great, even though I had no idea who you were at the time. I'd say it was at least 20 years ago.

  3. Yeah, I do remember your name, if you went by Chris Car....think you might have come up to the apt I shared with Lynne Robinson (she ran X-Poser anti-zine and friend of Dylans)...Are you still living in the city? I was out there a few times last year, prob back next summer-once I get this next album made.

  4. YES, that is right. I live in LA now. I want to talk to you about das energi. It really is one of my faves.

  5. Sure, lets talk me at and we can go from there.

  6. Love this book! While teaching school in Ohio in the mid 70's the father of one of my students gave me a copy of Das Energi. Loved it immediately and have since purchased over 200 copies and given it to friends as gifts. Still do the same to this day. I even have a blue hard-cover, signed copy from Paul Williams that I received from him in 1984, and I cherish that copy religiously! I always give books away, but my signed copy will never leave my home.

    "YOU ARE GOD." So simple yet says so much . . . . Also, Page 14 "It is not possible to make a mistake . . . ." I know that page by heart and have repeated it more times than I can count.

    This book inspired me to begin my spiritual journey and it changed my life.