Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Other Side of Summer

Alexander and I at sundown tonight, on a run between Beacon's and Moonlight Beach. Alexander just started 6th grade last week at our local public charter school here in Encinitas, same school he's been at since Kindergarten. 

But before school started we took a little driving vacation up the coast, visiting family and friends. Here's Alexander and some of the locals, seals, in Marina Del Rey. 

We made it up to our friends house in Scots Valley/Santa Cruz and stayed for a few days, then Alexander stayed a few nights in Silicone Valley with some of Paul's family. We even got to have lunch at Apple headquarters which was the highlight of the trip for Alexander

We stayed with my long time friend and cellist Renata Bratt and her husband Lee Ray. Since I hadn't set up a proper show we did an online performance for something called Stageit, my pal Steve Poltz has done a million of them, and so I tried it. We had a studio audience on hand of about 20 friends and fans at Open Path Music Studios and had a great time. Folks that signed up to watch us checked us out live via my laptop. Kinda cool. We'll def do that again.

On the way back from the Bay Area we drove along one of my favorite stretches of Hwy 1, at Point Mugu. This sand dune was a favorite of Paul's and when we were first seeing each other we climbed to the top and and checked out the view, he telling me what it was like as a kid on the dunes of Cape Cod and me dreaming of new songs soon to be written

Back home. The golden bluffs of Leucadia..we live about 3 blocks from here

Enjoying the last days of high temperatures, 83 today at the beach, the sun going down, it's the other side of summer


  1. 'tis indeed the other side of summer. Endless summer.

    ॐ -=-Larry-=- ॐ

  2. if you don't write that into a song, i'm going to!

    the other side of summer
    another winter on it's way
    making the days last
    another sunset fades away

  3. Dear Cindy,
    I discovered your blog yesterday when I did a search for Paul Williams, one of my favorite authors. Das Energi, I can't tell you how many times in the last 29 years I have pulled out that book for inspiration or how many copies I have bought for friends and family. Julian Dean gave me an autographed copy back in 1983, shortly after I went thru a divorce and the book was in my purse for 6 months! I gave a copy to my fiance the 2nd time we met and I know it played a huge part in our relationship.
    I read your blog from end to beginning, you are an incredible writer also, thank you so much.

  4. Okay, are on! Ready set....

  5. Judy, I'm so glad you found us here and thank you thank you for reading and relating the kind words.
    I just came across some of Paul's letters with Julian a few days ago and I remember meeting him with Paul in Santa Barbara some time in the 90s...

    all the very best to you and your fiance, cindy lee