Monday, September 3, 2012

Just a part of the whopping bill from 1995

This letter says it all, $87,868.23. A medical bill from some part of the stay at the hospitals ICU, 2 weeks in fact, we were given a whopping bill. This didn't include the brain surgery or the anesthesiologist...or any of the other stuff. Fortunately Paul had been accepted for Kaiser Medical Insurance just 2 weeks (!!) before his bicycle accident.

There were several other bills that came in the mail, like this one and Kaiser said "put them all in a big envelope and send them to us" and like that, the bills were gone. 

Lucky for us we had insurance and Paul was almost turned down, they were nervous about his reasons for getting out of duty for the Vietnam War (he had his mothers friend, a doctor, say he was not fit for duty because he was rather crazy). A pre condition! Getting out of the Vietnam war.  

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  1. It's OBSCENE the way we treat our fellow citizens in this country. Bankrupting them, ruining their lives, turning them down for treatment because they don't have or can't get insurance.