Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Freedy Johnston Hoisting the Flag For CLB's New Album

I'm very excited today. This weekend will be the start of a new era for me. I'll be in the recording studio  for the first time since 2006. And my last album, Beloved Stranger, released in 2008, was made under very difficult circumstances, at a time when my son was very young and my husband was becoming very ill. It was an incredibly difficult period. 

But now is a new time. It's a fresh start. I wrote a lot of songs over the past three years and it's time to record them and set them free.

Here's my pal Freedy Johnston, wavin' the flag and  
supportin' the cause 


  1. Of course! The important question is, "will the new album include your cover of "Wichita Lineman" - please?

  2. That woukd be Freedys Cover of WL which i believe he did release on a more recent album. If i have extra time and funds I would like tto record my version of Brian Wilsons I Wast Made For These Times