Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Appendix Day

here i am happy in the er on drugs

Two weeks ago I had a stomach ache. I had it the day before but not so bad I couldn't run my customary 3 miles before work. But by the evening time I was in a good bit of pain. I took two Tums and went to sleep. Surprisingly, I slept for a solid eight hours. My girlfriend Paula (god bless her), who some of you know as the doctor friend that often plays glockenspiel or vibraphone with me and is a medical doctor, called and asked how I was doing. I told her the hurt had moved down into my lower right abdomen, she had me press on the spot and when I winced she said "I'll be right over". When she arrived she said get your stuff were going to the emergency room, you have appendicitis. 

And so I did confirmed by both emergency room doctor and CT scan. By 9pm I was under anesthesia and feeling no pain (actually before I went to the OR I got this great drug called Fentanyl...I was ready to dance on table tops and go home). 

Anyways the anesthesiologist promised me a trip to Paris and when I awoke it didn't feel like she held true to her promise. I was groggy but Paula drove us home, to her place, draggin' in at 2am. 

For the first week after surgery, (laproscopic stylie), Alexander and I had a number of friends bring us food, flowers and fun. I thank you all from my heart for the help and the dinners. 

Alexander spent several nights at my pal/singer-songwriter/Nena Andersen's house, down the street, and her son Ellis showed Alexander how to catch a wave with a body board. 

Then Nena took the boys to the Del Mar Fair

Alexander did not find the animals spectacular

A division of interest in junk-food

Nothing like carnie games

And a shared sense of awe and wonder at old timey video games. 
I'm on the mend. Back to work this week. Taking long walks. Kinda tired but pretty much off the pain meds.
Not ready to run my customary 3 miles yet... 
But getting revved up about going in the studio to record next weekend. 

photos of the boys by Nena Andersen

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  1. After reading Cindy Lee, Raymond Chandler, Philip K. Dick and Hunter Thompson, I cannot think of any reason for me to write any more.