Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thank You Friends...

Thank you roll-call to those of you who have (so far) contributed to my new recordings:

Richard Robison, Thomas Spath, Richie Strell, 
Michael Brown, Bart Mann,  
Franz Fischer, Clay Berryhill, David Trautman
Daniel Whitworth, Mark Pringle, Rich Coparanis, 
Michael Lanning, Christopher Hartford, Ed Cole, 
James Gillespie, Robert Lloyd, Karl Schmidtz, 
Stephen Stiles, JoEllen Adelman, Gary Stewart, 
Eric Bosse, Helen Kearney, John Beaver, 
Hal Hinderliter, Simon Rowland, Laura Kurner, 
Jamshid Faryar, Philip Locke, Martha Lawrence, 
James Chadwick, David Feldman, 
David Williams, Sandra Perea, Scott Edwards, 
Timothy Daily, Monica Pasqual, Rob Metcalfe, Daren Wang
Stephen Greenberg, Keith Shiraki, Kane Churko,
David Hartwell, Lizabeth Clark, Frank Soares, Franco di Totto, Eric Cocks, Rex Wilson, Eric Predoehl, Charles Samples, 
Steve Hochman, Douglas Farage, Brett Milano, Lucy Huntzinger, Robbie Tucker, Gary Schulstad, Gary Stewart, Robert Henkel, Rafter Roberts, Bob Colby, Todd Everett, James Cribb, 
Steve Holtebeck, Saint Cloud Computer, Simone Van Dam, 
Susan Hahm, Linda Smith,
Jennifer Hanson, David Lakin, Anne Kuller, 
Kenneth Simon, Elaine Lafferty, Tahd R Frentzel, 
Barbara Sadak, Gene Brown

(photo David Schwartz)
Our trusty mixing engineer Shawn Everett hard at work on one of the new songs this week!

We still have a ways to go to reach our goal. 
Please help us finish these songs by contributing to the PayPal on the right....


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  2. Do you mind if we use this photo for a profile on Shawn and his new API console? If we may use it, please let me know where it should be credited. If not, no problem. Thanks!
    --Jen Schiller
    PR/staff Writer
    API Audio