Wednesday, May 15, 2013

San Diego Concert For Paul Williams

Gary Warth called me about a month ago and said he wanted to help with the expenses of Paul's memorial and funeral, so he called upon some San Diego music friends and put together last weekends benefit
Lots of folks showed up. I had no idea what it might be like on Mothers Day afternoon, in a bar for 6 hours, but it was a fun! 
Me with Jared Whitlock of the Coast News, and Randy Hoffman

The smooth and demented stylings of Jose Sinatra, singing the lyrics to Elvis' Houndog to the music of Sounds of Silence

Jose (seen here in predator mode), Kent and Liz Abbott from the SD Troubadour
My pal Nena Andersen bailed me out of some trouble when I locked my keys in my trunk...she had AAA

Playing Ring of Fire w/Randy Hoffman, me, Nena and, Keli Ross-Ma'u playing a solo on steel drum
The true beauty and sonic stylings of the Hoffman *cardboard box* can not be explained by mere words. One must experience it live. 

The inimitable, Mojo Nixon... proclaiming Elvis is Everywhere and why one must Tie a Pecker To Mah Leg
Photographer Dennis Andersen photograph by Dan Chusid

Great music, great friends, lots of laughs and heartfelt words about Paul Williams' contribution to pop culture and music criticism. And then after the music was done, Gary Warth made me take the spoils of the benefit home with me, a total of $1600.00. 
Wow. Thank you San Diego, I'm proud to call you my home.

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  1. I will say that you definitely had a great night when you wake up in the your apartment building stairs, from a little nap, and frantically check your purse for your phone and keys!