Sunday, June 30, 2013

Something To Smile About

Thank you roll-call to those of you who have (so far) contributed to my new recordings:

Philip Locke, Martha Lawrence, 
James Chadwick, David Feldman, 
David Williams, Sandra Perea, Scott Edwards, 
Timothy Daily, Monica Pasqual, Rob Metcalfe, Verb, 
Stephen Greenberg, Keith Shiraki, Kane Churko,
David Hartwell, Lizabeth Clark, Frank Soares, Franco di Totto, Eric Cocks, Rex Wilson, Eric Predoehl, Charles Samples, Steve Hochman, Douglas Farage, Brett Milano, Lucy Huntzinger, Robbie Tucker, Gary Schulstad, Gary Stewart, Robert Henkel, Rafter Roberts, Bob Colby, Todd Everett, James Cribb, Steve Holtebeck, Saint Cloud Computer, Simone Van Dam, Susan Hahm, Linda Smith, Richard Robinson, Richard Strell, Michael Brown, Jennifer Hanson, David Lakin, Anne Kuller, Kenneth Simon, Elaine Lafferty, Tahd R Frentzel, 
Barbara Sadak, Gene Brown

Yeah, I have something to smile about, more names on the list and things are looking up. Thank you friends....

Photo by Dennis Andersen June 7, 2013

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