Sunday, February 24, 2013


Paul gets a new chair, a special recliner brought in by hospice. I wheel him out to the day-room where there are windows and some outdoors to look at. He seemed happy. Then he tried to get out of the chair and I had to holler for help. It all worked out in the end with Paul a little more lively than he's been. 

The photo of the ocean was taken from atop the bluffs earlier today when Alexander and I went 
for a run.


  1. Hello Cindy,
    I knew Paul when he was living in Glen Ellen. I am sorry to read of his passing. He was an inspiration to know and be around. Your words and photographs touched me deeply.
    I'm sure he causing some serious mischief where ever he is now, and probably has a whole group of angels joining in the fun!
    Paul Rest
    Sebastopol, CA

    1. Thank you Paul, and I like that thought of Paul stirring up some mischief up there in heaven...