Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nothing Gladdens the Heart Like Music

Thurs. Feb 14th Valentine's Day
Cinema Bar
9pm, free
w/Buddy Zapata and Junkshop Republic
3967 Sepulveda Blvd
Culver City/LA, CA

This night will feature a Soiree of cool musical guests:
Long time friend and Garage Orchestra cohort Renata Bratt on cello. 
Composer of cool TV theme songs; Deadwood, Arrested Developement, Northern Exposure and playing bass w me here David Schwartz
Dr. Paula Luber moonlighting from her private practice so she can try out her new vibraphone. 
And jumping in with us, with no prior rehearsal, is Brian Wilson's percussionist Nelson Bragg

Sat. Feb 16th
w Buddy Zapata
3343 Adams Ave.
Normal Heights/San Diego, CA

Mostly solo for both Buddy and me but I'm gonna talk Paula Luber into bringing up the new vibraphone


I asked Paul last night how he felt, (he doesn't speak much, but he will answer questions "yes" or "no",  if you ask). It looked like one eye was a bit watery, so I asked "are you sad?", he nodded "yes". I asked if there were any family members he'd like to see and again he nodded "yes". 

I went down the list and got a big nod when I said  the names of his first two wives and so one of them, his second, Donna Grace will be coming in tomorrow, we will meet and pass the baton of Paul-caring (soon too his first wife Sachiko will visit). It is so fortunate this timing. Now I can drive up to the LA show with gladness in my heart and a song of love to share.  

I hope you will join us for one of our shows. Nothing gladdens the heart like music. A communal experience among friends and artistic sojourners. And I could use a little of that...

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