Monday, June 10, 2013

Yep It's My Birthday Week

Alexander and multi-instrumentalist George Doering in David Schwartz' recording studio. 

This is where I will be recording 2 of the new songs on July 12/13/14 thanks to the help of the Patrons that have donated to the cause. In return you will each receive a copy of the recorded songs and out-takes. 

What I'd  like to do is raise at least $1500 before the first session to help cover some basic costs. To the right is a donate button that takes you to PayPal and the cash goes into an account I've set up just for these sessions. 

For now, I'm by-passing the Kickstarter type templates, which often take 10% off the top and then you have to pay out another, maybe 14% in taxes, because those companies have it structured like a business. 

I'm using the Paul Williams method here...On his Dylan books Paul asked for Patrons to buy the book upfront and he would send them the book signed, a few years later after it was written and bound. Sometimes folks would give him a little money extra and sometimes a lot but it would all come together and he was able to afford to write the book for a year and pay the rent.

Thank you to everyone so far that has contributed. I look forward to sharing our summer sessions with you... 

Some of the musicians playing on the tracks include 
David Schwartz, Randy Hoffman, Nelson Bragg, Renata Bratt, Paula Luber, Keli Ross-Mau', and more ....

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